Thursday, April 05, 2007

Do as I say, not as I do…

Sometimes, I can be such a total tool. I have not 1, but 2 blogs and don’t keep up with either one of them… I tell everyone to write and haven’t done much of it the last couple of months, so at least for the month of February and most of March, I’m haven’t been a writer.

We are adopting another child and due to some changes in the way the country we selected processes the adoptions, we’ve been going 212 miles-per-hour on filling out forms, getting physicals from primary care physicians, specialists. Blood tests, urine screening, eyesight tests, hearing tests, and tests, tests, tests. Then there is the cleaning and organizing the house for the dreaded “home-study,” a safety inspection (to confirm that we are not keeping a 5 foot-long alligator in the bathtub) and a fire inspection (with a real, live Fire Captain from the local fire department). I had my boss complete and notarize an employment letter that certified that I am indeed employed, insured and otherwise not a deadbeat of an individual… but he then had to go to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office to have the letter certified, and paying a $6 fee before sending it back to me. Francesco is has been extremely understanding and not many bosses would do these types of things for an employee so I am indeed fortunate.

I’ve been a chauffer, a maid, a paperwork-aholic, a tired, web-surfing idiot. And I’m tired of making excuses to myself and you. Spring is here, the Seasonal-Affective-Disorder has faded… (Note: I have not been diagnosed with this, I just kind of feel BLAH in the late winter months in general.)

I have put myself back on the writing conditioning program where I am currently doing “2-a-days,” at least two 15-minute writing practice sessions a day, plus project work. These are not unlike those scorching, mid-August, football practices to get the team back into big-game condition. My writing muscles are flabby. The callous on my pen holding finger has softened, and my carpal tunnel has never been better. So I need to get back to work.

I want you to do as I do, not do as I say you should do. I want to make you all to be proud of me…

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