Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday – The Dream Edition

Dreams are a powerful aspect of our creative selves and worth exploring.
Day 196 - Help
Courtesy of Christopher Verdier
  • What do you remember about your dreams each night?  Do you dream in color?  Do you remember feelings or sensations? Can you read in your dreams?
  • What are some of the common themes in your dreams? Do you have flying dreams? Dreams of being chased? Showing up naked at your high school?
  • Describe the worst nightmare you have ever had.
  • Can you control your dreams?  If so, how do you do it?
  • Have you ever had an important message sent to you via a dream? Or predicted something that came true?
  • Describe one of your favorite dreams.
  • Have you ever written a story inspired from a dream?
  • Create a dream sequence for one of your characters in a story.
  • What strange objects, people or places show up in your dreams again and again?
  • Many musicians use the word “dreams” in song and album titles. (For example: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, Dream On by Aerosmith and, of course, Dream Weaver by Gary Wright) What songs do you associate with dreams?  Why do you think there is such a popular connection between dreams and music?
  • Keep a dream log for a couple of days and then use a dream dictionary, such as the one on Dream Moods and use it to interpret your dreams.
  • Write the word “Dream” at the center of a blank page of paper and then create a Mind Map surrounding it. For details on creating a Mind Map, go to http://www.mind-mapping.co.uk/make-mind-map.htm

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