Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday – The Holiday Nightmare Edition

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Courtesy of Drew Geraets via Flickr
Many people look forward to December and the holidays especially, but the last few years, December has not been a lot of fun.  It always seems to be marked with turmoil and uncertainty at my workplace (not a problem this year), illness and death.

Last year I got pneumonia and was extremely sick for almost 6 weeks. I’m sure this is just a coincidence but it got me thinking.  The holidays are always portrayed in the media as happy times full of cheer and good friends, but the truth is somewhat darker. Are the holidays always wonderful and magical like a Very Brady Christmas? Probably not.

Here is a quick and dirty list of writing topics associated with the darker side of the holiday season:
  •     Riot at the shopping mall
  •     Dysfunctional holiday family gathering
  •     Hyperactive, out of control kids
  •     Eating too much
  •     Drinking too much
  •     Company holiday party
  •     Insane retail hours
  •     The all-consuming quest for the perfect Christmas
  •     Death of a loved one
  •     Shared custody of the kids during the holidays
  •     Not enough money for Christmas
  •     Finding out that Santa is not real

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Em-Musing said...

Everyone loves, It's a Wonderful Life. I find that movie too depressing and feel like smacking George and saying, "snap out of it!"
Hope your health is better this year.