Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grist for the Mews

Meet the newest addition to the Grist for the Mews staff: Elvira. She's assuming the roles of Rodent Control Specialist, Attack Cat and Administrative Assistant But don't ask her to mail anything, answer the phone (although she does knock the phone off of the hook every once in-a-while), make copies, or file anything. She enjoys laying on top of the stackable trays on top of the filing cabinet, batting at inkjet cartridges trying to print, attacking computer cables, purring on your lap while typing, climbing on back of my chair and chewing my hair.

She is a sweet-tempered kitten with a constant purr. Who loves visits from the kids who find new ways to make her leap and jump around with various strings and kitty toys. I think that Ben wants to train her to do a trick to get her on America's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet. She is a hard working mews.

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