Monday, September 04, 2006

Dreadful Day Jobs and the celebration of Labor Day

When I ask people at my presentations and workshops what do they do for their day jobs, most of them sigh and say... I'm a... customer call center manager... an attorney (I have a LOT of unhappy attorneys in my classes)... a software engineer... in Retail... work in the insurance industry... all with that same beaten-down, Eeyore-like enthusiasm. These are the true writers in the bunch, they have come to grips with the fact that the day-job is a necessary evil (and probably always will be), and they don't like it.

Their creative spirit snarls and growls at the walls of their cubicles, their offices, their lockers or work areas. It whimpers at the time that melts away the days when they'd rather be reading a trashy sci-fi novel, hiking up that mountain, playing marbles with their kids, or painting a masterpiece on the back of the garage.

Day jobs suck and here's a neat little song parody that I stumbled across reading the Cincom eXpert Access newsletter which always seems to have some good articles on marketing trends, blogging, or some other online content issue. But this one made me laugh out loud and is very appropriate for this day to commemorate those of us who still toil in our day jobs. Enjoy My Comfy Cubicle. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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