Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday – Torn from the Magazine Edition

Well, not torn from the headlines, but pulled from the most recent issues of Time, The Atlantic and Wired magazines:
  • Latchkey Parents (Time)
  • U.S. Postal Service on the verge of bankruptcy (Time)
  • The Shame of College Sports (The Atlantic)
  • America’s Smartest Cities (The Atlantic)
  • Obsession with musical nostalgia is strangling pop music (The Atlantic)
  • Antibiotic resistant infections (The Atlantic)
  • Reverse Evolution (turning a chicken into a dinosaur) (Wired)
  • Inside Google+ (Wired)
  • Advanced prosthetics for animals (Wired)
  • Social Media improves memory (Wired)
  • Back from Beyond (Wired)
  • Scare Tactics (Wired)

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