Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday – The Walking Dead Edition

The Walking Dead on San Diego
Courtesy of Antonio Ruiz Garcia via Flick
For those of you who have been living in a remote commune somewhere for the last 20 years, the Walking Dead refers to the latest monster craze: Zombies. Riding the wave of zombie-rific popularity, one of my new favorite shows is back for a 2nd season.  I was a fan of the Walking Dead comic book series before it was adapted for television.  Even though it is a violent, blood splattered gorefest, the Walking Dead explores some very interesting topics: How do you remain human when all parts of civilization as we know it fails? How do you make decisions when faced with impossible moral dilemmas?

So since we are now in the middle of October, let’s explore some horrible zombie-related topics:
  • How are you preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Where will you go? What equipment and supplies do you think might be necessary?
  • What is the cause of the zombie apocalypse?
  • What do you do if your family or loved ones become mindless, savage zombies?
  • What are you the most afraid of? Why?
  • Your favorite horror movie (it doesn’t have to feature zombies).
  • Zombie Haiku: Check it out at http://zombiehaiku.com/
  • Write about the moment when you were the most scared in your entire life. What happened? Why was it so scary?
  • Make a comprehensive list of everything you are afraid of.
  • Ghosts: Have you ever encountered one? Explore a “haunted” place? Experienced something that couldn’t be explained?
  • Haunted house – A popular activity in the United States this time of year… Have you ever been to one? What was it like?
  • The best Halloween costume ever!

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