Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Writing Exercises from Foolsgold

Here are a few of the excellent writing exercise ideas from Foolsgold: Making Something Out of Nothing and Freeing Your Creative Process:
  • What can I learn from... (page 27)
  • Ask life expanding questions everyday... begin with the words: "I wonder" (page 48)
  • What do you collect now? As a child? Why do/did you collect these things? (page 58)
  • "What in your life, your body, your job, your business, your world, is dammed up that needs freeing? What beliefs or ideas or judgments have you been holding that might need to be released? It may well be ideas you feel sure about. A position you're proud to hold. You might want to write, 'I believe [list five things] because…'" (page 89)
  • "Where in your life do you feel boxed or fenced in?" (page 155)
  • "What's breaking your heart?" (page 197)

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