Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday -- Reliving Childhood / Envisioning the Future

The last few days I have been taking advantage of my instant streaming library of Netflix and re-watching a few episodes of my favorite TV series as a child. Because of the profound Star Wars influence, I would watch anything with spaceships or laser guns (talking indestructible cars were pretty cool as well) and all of those shows were the greatest ever to my elementary school eyes: Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980 and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.  But I'm noticing a pattern to these shows: 
Star field at my fingertips
  1. The writing and story lines were unbelievably horrible in most cases.
  2. These shows used a LOT of the same stock footage each and every week. 
  3. Also had very elaborate set and costume design using a LOT of extras in many of the episodes
  4. The future consists of lots of form fitting, colorful spandex (for both men and women), weird-shaped glass containers, and smart-ass computers / robots.
So today's Writing Topic Tuesday gives you some interesting topics to remember the past and look forward to the future:
  • What did you like to watch on television as a child? How did it influence you?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?  Are you that person now? If so why not?
  • What year seemed to  be the "far-off future" to you? How does that compare to the actual time now?
  • What was your vision of that future? Did it have: Robots? Flying cars? Cloaking devices? Transporters? Tourism in outer space? What did you expect to see by that date?
  • What do you think the year 2111 will look like?

Think about these and WRITE!

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