Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday - Summer Vacation 12 Writing Prompts for June 14th, 2011

Summer time always brings back memories of freedom. Of childhood hours spent idly with friends or doing whatever I wanted. As an adult, I relive these experiences through my kids and our planned trips.  The beginning of summer vacation has energy so take some time to explore it.

Here are the suggesting writing topics to explore for June 14th, 2011:
    Sunrise - Waves
  • The best summer vacation trip you've ever had. When was it? Who was it with? What are the memories that make it special?
  • The summer vacation from hell (think National Lampoon's Vacation here). This is the trip where everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.  List all of the excruciating details.
  • What your average summer day was like growing up?  What did you do each day?  Who did you spend your time with? Was there any sort of a routine for you?
  • Summer blockbusters -- Every summer Hollywood pulls out all of the stops to try to create that memorable, runaway movie hit.  What were some of the memorable summer blockbusters for you?
  • Swimming -- One of the activities always associated with summer.
  • Summer Traditions -- Did you have any growing up or now? Were they events such as a family reunion or a trip to a specific place such as a relative's house, amusement park, or festival?
  • Baseball -- Were you in Little League? Or just a fan of a professional team? What are your summer baseball memories?
  • Being away from home -- Did you ever go to summer camp?  Or take a job far away from home and experience living on your own?
  • Summer music memories -- Pop music has a way of etching a time into your memory. Are there any songs that help you define a particular summer? Explore them.
  • Summer jobs -- Did you run your own lawn mowing service in the neighborhood? A lemonade stand?  Get a job taking care of pets or house sitting for a neighbor? What about a temporary job as a lifeguard at a pool, a day camp counselor, or in retail or fast food?
  • If you could have a summer completely free of responsibility. What would you do with it?
  • Summer reading program -- As a member of AP English classes, I always had assigned summer reading assignments. Sometimes I read the books, other times I read the Cliff Notes.  But I always read for pleasure, and even now remember the books I read during a particular summer vacation very well.  What are the books that tie to summer for you?

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