Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Writing Topic Tuesday -- All Things Must End

These are just some random things that have been on my mind over the last week and a few current event topics, many of which seem to be about the end of things:
    Sunny, Our Yellow Lab
  • Space Shuttle – NASAs last shuttle launch of the Atlantis is due this week. What are your memories of the Space Shuttle?
  • Independence Day – Here in the U.S. we celebrated our Independence Day yesterday with parades and fireworks. What are your memories of the 4th of July or your Independence Day?
  • Fireworks – Are you just a spectator? Or do you light your own? Write about them.
  • Polar ice caps are melting – A gray whale made the voyage from the north pacific to the Atlantic last year by traveling across the Arctic. This is the first time this has happened in hundreds of thousands of years.  What does this mean for you? Does it matter?
  • Death of a pet – Our yellow lab, Sunny died in his sleep Sunday morning. We woke up to discover that he had passed away, sending us into immediate action: getting his body to the vet clinic for cremation, and having to tell all of the kids the sad news, and then shedding a few tears ourselves. What are your memories of your pets? How did you memorialize them?
  • Casey Anthony Trial – Another sensational, very public trial surrounding the death of a little girl… What do you think of the media’s portrayal of this sad event?  Why has it captured the rapt attention of so many people around the nation and the world? Did the legal system work in this case?

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